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Say hello to Flossy's dental floss refill subscription! Receive a new floss roll with 30 meter new thread as often as you need, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Join the Flossy family and never worry about running out of floss again. It's convenience, quality, and sustainability, all in one package.

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Flossy Refill

Flossy Refill

30 Meters of Superior Dental Care

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The Flossy Dental Floss Refill is the optimal refill for your Flossy floss holder. Each refill roll contains 30 meters of our specially designed dental floss, meticulously engineered with 504 individual fibers for superior cleaning capability. These fibers work together to effectively remove plaque and food debris from hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and along the gum line. Its durability and flexibility ensure that the thread does not fray or break during use, providing over 1000 uses per roll. By choosing the Flossy Dental Floss Refill, you can easily replace the thread in your holder and continue your oral care routine with confidence for continued fresh oral health.
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